diskfans - the most benefits for the least overall costs!



Now Compare typical ceiling fans side-by-side with Diskfans


AS you aware of the many features and benefits of OWNING A DISKFAN, use The chart below to compare typical ceiling fans (on left) with Diskfans (on right).


Next, Take an even closer look at all of Diskfan's great Features & benefits



Efficient and more Comfortable Air Circulation Performance


• Blends air as it circulates
• Stops cold & hot spots, stops feelings of chills, sweats & drafts
• Can be connected to a regular ceiling electrical box
• Mounting device allows it to hang from a sloping or high ceiling
• Lightweight (only 10-20 lbs.) – mount it in suspended ceilings
• Circulates air in a 360° pattern
• Filters out dust as it circulates the air
• Circulates air in a 350 sq. ft. (17.5 ft by 20 ft.) room in 8 minutes
• Two speed control (1300 and 1800 rpm)
• Quiet operation (46.6 db and 49.4 db)
• No wind noise as with typical 3-foot, exterior mounted blades


Inexpensive and Easy to Maintain


• No more quarterly struggling to clean four, 3-foot long blades
• Only takes a three minutes to change a filter once per year
• Operates for less than 3 cents per 24-hour day (at 20 cents per
   Kilowatt Hour)


Easy Installation


• Can be installed by any experienced “handyman”
• Mounts onto standard ceiling electrical box
• Full step-by-step instructions with each DISKFAN


Wide Range of Decorative Options


• Full range of DISKFAN housing colors (7)
• Wide range of Filter Cover colors (10)
• A DISKFAN can be ordered with 0, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 lamp fitters
• DISKFAN 2.25” fitters allows use of over 40 lamp shade styles

• DISKFAN features allow you to forget stereotypical themes
• Use fresher design themes: holiday, patriotic, Asian, Nautical
• Enjoy freedom from designerly blades dominating the space


Design and Unique Customization Features


• Can be mounted under air conditioning ducts
• Can have wall-mounted or wand-controlled power switches
• Includes procedural steps and layout plans for four major
  installation situations
• Can also be stylistically refined with design accessories (some
  not shown here)


Superior Safety


• No more spinning 3-foot wooden or metal blades
• No more possibilities of blades flying off into a room
• No more distracting wobbling fan motors overhead
• No more need to place weights to balance blades individually
• DISKFAN blades are safely housed inside each unit