The Diskfan® was originally designed to stop cold air drop-down complaints from tenants in a large office building I owned and managed. I operated my land development consulting civil engineering firm from that office building in San Diego, California from 1972 to 2018. The basic DISKFAN® patent was issued January 9, 2001 as No.6,168,517. The existing Diskfan Trademark will be renewed March 9, 2024. The original DISKFAN® has been constantly improved with a more efficient two speed electric motor and provisions for making it an attractive ceiling light.

 It is available in seven powder coat colors and can be furnished with no lights or 3,4,5,6 or 8 standard light sockets that use the 2.25" base glass globes that have been available since the gas light days of the “1800 epoch” and are available from: Antiquelampsupply.com; grandbrass.com; destinationlighting.com; lowes.com; homedepot.com.

 The DISKFAN® can be used to directly replace an existing ceiling fan or a ceiling light fixture. The DISKFAN® maximum weight is less than 20 pounds, does not produce any vibrations and has the approval of Underwriters Laboratory (UL). Mounting systems are available for remodeling, new construction, suspended ceilings and high and/or sloping ceilings. Each DISKFAN® can be connected to an existing or new air conditioning duct system with a 7 inch duct. One DISKFAN® can radially circulate all the air in a 350 sq.ft room, thru the foam filter, as shown on the “DISKFAN® Air Circulation Pattern “cross section” shown on the first page of this website.

 At sea level air pressure the DISKFAN® will discharge and recirculate approximately 1209 cubic feet per minute of filtered air at the low speed setting and 1561 cubic feet per minute of filtered air at the high speed setting. The air in the room circulates at a very slow gentle and refreshing rate even in a room half as large and there is no sensation of a draft. The DISKFAN® must be mounted no closer than seven feet from the floor and probably no further than twelve feet above the floor.

 The DISKFAN® uses an Artic SSC Electronically Commutated Motor that operates at either the low speed or the high speed using the pull chain switch that also turns the DISKFAN® off and on. The fan takes several seconds to come up to operational speed. The DISKFAN® consumes only 7.88 watts at the slow speed and 14.51 watts at the high speed. At $0.20/kilowatt hour, and running the fan continuously for a whole year, the power cost will be $13.81 for the low speed and $25.42 for the high speed operation.

 The DISKFAN® noise level at six feet below the fan is 46.6 dba at the low speed and 49.9 dba at the high speed. This is a constant background noise and is not noticeable.

 The “Download Brochures” permits you to review and/or print three brochures titled “Aesthetic Info; Users Guide and Technical Data”.

 If the DISKFAN® is installed with a connection to an air conditioning duct system, and the supplied air flow is too great, a Duct Damper Orifice is available that can be installed into the DISKFAN® with two screws by simply removing the fan unit and installing the orifice which will reduce the conditioned air flow by about half.


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