THE FAN-LAMP-AIR FILTER a project manager can love!


everyone saves in planning and engineering costs and gains comfort because with Diskfan...



1. Only one hvac duct is needed in a room


You can hang a DISKFAN easily onto a basic electrical box. As a standard DISKFAN weighs only 12 lbs., you probably won't need a reinforced box. With eight lamps it stills weighs less than 20 lbs.

Electrical boxes are commonly situated in the center of a room's ceiling to hold a lamp. DISKFANs can take that place and provide light, air filtration and move air the air to eliminate heat and cold build-ups.

Large bladed fans are often heavier than DISKFANs. They also create torque that makes them wobble. These issues actually force you to buy a reinforced electrical box to hang a large-bladed fan.

Place a DISKFAN on an HVAC duct wired to a nearby energy plug and you will now be able to have a complete system — with heat and cooling more evenly distributed than with wall vents, lighting, and air filtration! And, because DISKFANs can eject freshened air outward in a 360° circle, only one ceiling duct pipe is needed.

No HVAC in your planning?

It's important to remember that a DISKFAN along with a few table top fans will keep you as cool as a single large-bladed ceiling fan — and for less cost! Small fans on stands can be better aimed and placed closer to individauls who are perspiring than a typical ceiling fan. These smaller fans cost far less to run than a large bladed fan.

Next, add a DISKFAN for air filtration to reduce the particle concentrations during smoggy heat inversions! DISKFANs can also remove dust particles kicked up by any small or large externally-bladed fans because the DISKFAN's blades are surrounded by its air filter!

DISKFANs cost so little to run, they pay for themselves!

A DISKFAN can run all day an night, ever day of the year filtering and moving air for under $14.00 total! Its high-tech motor with our patented Disk Distributer™unit uses less energy than typical ceiling fans by 40-80% less per year! And that's based on a relatively high figure of 20 cents per Kilowatt Hour!

Remodeling for a better look? Now remodel for that plus  more — greater comfort with less cost!

The example below demonstrates the subtle aesthetic improvements a DISKFAN can add to any remodeling project — such as lighting an area without flickering shadows and enjoying filtered air without hearing and seeing spinning blades overhead. These "Before" and "After" images also reveal how visual distractions like multiple wall vents can create negative a sense of clutter or a feeling of claustrophobia.


2. you and your clients can now enjoy a new adavantage — one that was unavailable unti l DISKFAN!


HVAC systems used to required lots of ducting

Construction Professionals have always been the primary providers of central heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) installations because HVAC systems need duct systems extending throughout the building's structure.

However, today, average people are enabled to bypass construction solutions because portable A/C and heater units are readily available in stores.

Now contractors and remodelers must find ways to cut the costly leap to the more desirable HVAC units. So, imagine if you could cut ducting costs significantly! You can using DISKFANs!

Now sell HVAC at lower prices and build them faster with DISKFAN!

With today's smaller outdoor heat-pump HVAC units, equipment costs are more affordable than ever. Yet ducting costs remains a prohibitive factor because it's a costly delivery system. DISKFAN changes all that by eliminating, multiple ducts per room. A DISKFAN can provide evenly distributed cooling or heating using only one duct in the center of the ceiling!

Each room scheduled to recieve air from an HVAC system now only requires a single 7" duct pipe with a DISKFAN! With its 360° air distribution pattern, one DISKFAN can more evenly spread, circulate and filter the air throughout larger front rooms, family rooms, and master bedrooms than any multiduct system.

Less ducting, less engineering and construction time and materials costs! Now you can meet shorter deadlines at less cost — in other words, be more competitive with DISKFANs!

And remember: none of the standard cooling or heating units — #s 1 - 7 in the illustration above can light up the room like a DISKFAN! 

3. Air is filtered and Circulated in a unique manner that promotes health and comfort



The animation above portrays how the DISKFAN moves air "in bulk" within a large, 350 sq. ft. room (17.5 ft by 20 ft.) to eliminate heat and cold build-ups. Unlike classic ceiling fans that blow down on people or create strong drafts throughout a room, DISKFANs emit filtered air in disk-like layer that has the characteristics of a "laminar flow." This flow pattern is able to engage the surrounding air with enough strength to stir the entire air mass to move slowly around the room. The warmer air coming from humans and other sources tends to rise while the DISKFAN's gentle air flow pattern wafts it away from the center and pulls it upwards and in through its drum-shaped air filter. It can recycle and filter the air in a large room in eight minutes!


4. Diskfan cleaning and maintenance are very easy and simple


You might think a DISKFAN is a complicated machine because it offers so many features. Yet when you look closer, you can begin to see that its elegant engineering design and simplicity make it so surprisingly facile. Every DISKFAN capitalizes from how well organized each component is to the other. It's this physical arrangement and quality of components that creates the effective symbosis so needed to deliver such great performance.



As the primary representative of your construction/remodeling firm, you




5. Specifications data


It's understood that you will need to share the DISKFAN specifications with your co-workers and subcontractors. The small image below is the button that will open a PDF file.

Click on this image for Specification Sheet download