Diskfan systems cut costs so your bids can compete!


1. Air is filtered and Circulated in a unique manner that promotes health and comfort



The animation above portrays how the DISKFAN moves air "in bulk" within a large, 350 sq. ft. room (17.5 ft by 20 ft.) to eliminate heat and cold build-ups. Unlike classic ceiling fans that blow down on people or create strong drafts throughout a room, DISKFANs emit filtered air in disk-like layer that has the characteristics of a "laminar flow." This flow pattern is able to engage the surrounding air with enough strength to stir the entire air mass to move slowly around the room. The warmer air coming from humans and other sources tends to rise while the DISKFAN's gentle air flow pattern wafts it away from the center and pulls it upwards and in through its drum-shaped air filter. It can recycle and filter the air in a large room in eight minutes!


2. Diskfan cleaning and maintenance are very easy and simple


You might think a DISKFAN is a complicated machine because it offers so many features. Yet when you look closer, you can begin to see that its elegant engineering design and simplicity make it so surprisingly facile. Every DISKFAN capitalizes from how well organized each component is to the other. It's this physical arrangement and quality of components that creates the effective symbosis so needed to deliver such great performance.