whether you are a HANDY MAN OR an "EVERYMAN," read this...


1. Upon receiving your diskfan...


Open receiving your carton(s), inspect for any damage that may have occured during shipping. It's important to report any such damage as soon as possible.

If you need to know if more than one box was to be shipped, review the section showing the price list on the "How to Order DISKFAN" page that lists which accessory parts are shipped separately in a second carton.

Please read the "Users Guide" booklet.

The "Users Guide" booklet that comes with every DISKFAN contains key information that can help you get the most benefit from your new DISKFAN. It's important that you review the list of safety precautions established by UL, Underwriters Laboraties, the nation's major testing authority for safe usage of consumer products and services.

If you'd like an additional copy of the "Users Guide" or any of our other brochures, go to the DOWNLOAD BROCHURES button on the main menu to the left.

2. Mounting your Diskfan

As you already know from reading your "Users Guide," there are four situations in which you may find yourself having to mount a DISKFAN. The first is by attaching it to an electrical box situated in a central location of a flat, level ceiling made of wall board or plaster. In this case, a DISKFAN can be mounted much like any lamp that is mounted on a standard electrical box. 

This first situation can be completed by anyone who has hung a lamp or a typical ceiling fan before on and electrical box. Better yet is for an experienced handyman, preferably a licensed handyman, to do the job — mostly because of the dangers assosciated with electricity.

The other three mounting situations (on a suspended ceiling, on an HVAC vent and on a sloping ceiling) should NEVER be attempted by a home owner or unlicensed "handyman" because they require specialized knowledge of material strengths, structural support capabilities and the knowedge of building code requirements.


This video shows a DISKFAN being mounted on a properly reinforced fiber panel on a suspended ceiling in less than five minutes. In this case, the hanging of the DISKFAN itself follows the same procedure one would use when mounting a DISKFAN to a standard electrical box on a ceiling. However, the situation shown here is different because it actually requires a professionally licensed construction professional to first build or to install the proper frame support system (like our prefabricated frame) onto the back of the fiber panel to assure complete structural integrity.


This video shows how easy it is to add the bulbs and glassware lamp shades to finish off the mounting process.

Factors to consider when mounting externally bladed ceiling fans

The professional you have install your DISKFAN may not fully understand how a DISKFAN is mounted. You may unknowingly be advise to upgrade your electrical box and asked a question such as where are blade balancing weights?

First, DISKFANs weigh 12 lbs. without lamps, well under the weight load any standard electrical box is designed to carry. Even with a full load of eight lamps, DISKFANs vary rarely ever exceed 20 lbs., the maximum load a standard electrical box can support.

Contrast this with the weight of the typical ceiling fan featuring 24-inch or longer extermal blades plus a heavier motor to spin them. Such fans can easily be heavier than 20 lbs. and always require a reinforced electrical box. It's with this in mind your installer may recommend an upgraded electrical box. This is unnecessary with DISKFANs.


Your DISKFAN features small blades run by a special ECM motor that is very light and helps to avoid weight issues. Also, DISKFANs cannot wobble like other ceiling fans. Because of these factors, you don't need a reinforced electrical box that affixes to a joist or beam. Do make sure that if your DISKFAN is to be decorated with hanging bangles, shells, etc., that you double check to make sure the electrical box is able to support this added weight and also anchored properly.

Second, the force required to spin any blades (torque) and the tendency for spinning objects to pull away from the center of the spin (centrifugal force) can combine to easily make a typical, external-bladed ceiling fan unstable. This means the external blades must be "balanced" — that is, small weights must be secured on one or two blades to make sure that all the blades spin on a level, horizontal plane.The DISKFAN design features relatively very small 6-inch blades that don't need any balancing. In fact this design makes the DISKFAN immune to the effects of troublesome torque and centrifugal force!

Because DISKFANs are so much lighter and have so little torque or centfugal force issues, we feel that any licensed handyman can mount a DISKFAN as they would a ceiling lamp on an existing ceiling electrical box. Because special supports must built for using a DISKFAN on a suspended ceiling, plaster board ceiling or on a sloping ceiling, we recommend a licensed professional contractor be employed.

DISKfans are safer to mount

If your installer hasn't mounted a DISKFAN before, be assured he can easilty recognize the same standard mounting components supplied with your DISKFAN. Also, you can show him your Users Guide that fully lists the step-by-step process with photos.

Again, the main challenge of mounting any lamp or ceiling fan is the electrical dangers. Connecting the electrical box wires to the DISKFAN's wiring can be hazardous if standard cautions for dealing with electrical dangers aren't followed. This includes turning off the correct fuse box switches, wearing rubber soled shoes, avoiding standing water on the ground and so forth.

3. Have fun with your DISKfAn by changing colored Fiter cover cloths


A great way to enjoy your DISKFAN is to order an additional package with a multicolored set of Filter Cover Cloths. The videos below show how easy it is to change them in 1-2 minutes. The first video suggests how you might exchange them to see which ones you like best with your DISKFAN's color. All the colors have been chosen to go well with each other and with the seven fan colors. The red, white and blue fan video demonstrates how you can have one filter on top of another with the top one folded over to create a multicolored set of stripes. Imagine changing it with a green Filter Cover Cloth on St. Patricks Day and, as shown here, to a patriioic theme for the 4th of July!

4. Tired of looking at wall vents?

You may want to consider having a remodeling company cover them up and installing a duct that goes to the center of the room instead and to have your DISKFAN mounted over that vent. The graphic below demonstrates how this might improve the appearance of the rooms involved and the fact that this cannot be done without a DISKFAN.