Upon receiving your diskfan...


Please inspect the carton(s) and DISKFAN for any damage that may have occured during shipping. It's important to report any all issues to us as soon as possible (see the "contact" page of this site for the various ways to reach us).

First, please read the printed "Users Guide" booklet that comes with your DISKFAN Air Quality System.

The user's guide contains a fully illutstrated, step-by-step guide for installing your DISKFAN Air Quality System unit.


It's important that you review the list of safety precautions regarding your DISKFAN sytem. It was established by Underwriters Laboraties, the nation's major testing authority for safe usage of consumer products and services.


If you need a additional copies of the "Users Guide" booklet, it can be downloaded from this website (go to "Download Brochures" button to the left).