1. diskfans mount using standard connectors


DISKFANS can be mounted in the four major situations shown abover: A. ceiling electrical boxes (made to hold fans), B. during remodeling & new construction, C. on suspended ceilings, and D. on high or sloping ceilings.

Typical externally bladed fans require the heavier rotary motors to move their heavy blades, but DISKFANs are much lighter! Even when using our affordable, aluminum Prefab Support Frame on a suspended ceiling panel to secure a DISKFAN unit, the total weight comes to  only 19 lbs — 30% under most ceiling fan weights!



2. diskfans eject freshened air out in a 360° pattern that becomes a laminar flow of air


Now, only one duct line to the center of the ceiling is needed to cool or heat a large room — and only DISKFAN makes this possible!


DISKFAN's Disk Distributor creates a laminar flow of air upon discharge from the DISKFAN, a 2-inch thick stream of fast moving air that is ejected parallel to the ceiling and to the floor with enough velocity to penetrate through the room's air mass. This laminar flow not only begins to engage the rooms air mass, but also allows a DISKFAN to cast freshened air across the room. The laminar flow slows to a point where it begins to move the entire air mass at velocity so slow that it only takes a little energy to affect all the air in the room.


The animation below portrays how the DISKFAN's laminar air flow spreads out across a large, 350 sq. ft. room (17.5 ft by 20 ft.) to control a room's temperature, level out hot and cold build-ups and to spread the freshly filtered air throughout the room.




3. DISKFANs can be mounted on ceiling ducts and suspended ceilings



4. Here is a specifications list for you and your construction team


If you need to download a full-sized Specifications & Technical Notes data sheet, click the small image below to download a PDF version.


5.  Mounting situations – Schematic drawings


The following schematic illustrations are provided below to aid you in properly mounting a client's DISKFAN unit. Click on the small image immediately below to download a PDF containing all four schematics in full size.












Critical first step

When planning and drawing up schematics, it's important to be familiar with the four types of MOUNTING SITUATIONS that can properly support a Diskfan. 
     Thorough consideration of these situations is necessary for accurate bidding, budgeting and safety. For more details and drawings, please download the "Users Guide" using the button on the "Download Brochures" page of this website.
   If you need more information, please call or email us at:

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Installation process

Once the mounting situation is known, installation can proceed. In situation A, mounting on a ceiling electrical box, the process is simple for an experienced homeowner or handyman to complete.

Installation for conditions B, C and D should be handled only by a properly licensed professional.