Compare features and costs and diskfans win every time!



1. take a hard look at all your choices...



Of all these options, What's your best choice?


A DISKFAN used along with an air conditioner is very effective — specially if you mount your DISKFAN on a central HVAC ceiling duct. Try doing that with a typical bladed ceiling fan. Also, you get lights, air filtration, the elimination of cold-air pooling, and very efficient cooling.


Don't Want to Buy an Air conditioner?


A DISKFAN along with a relatively inexpensive table top or fan on a stand is a great choice — specially if you want a strong breeze to blow directly on you on those hot and humid summer days and nights. With this combination your DISKFAN gives you great lighting, no overheated pockets of air, automatic air filtration that helps remove dust and irritants that come with smog inversions. While all along, the table top or fan on a stand lets you aim the breeze more accurately and get closer for greater strength on yourself. Why own a typical ceiling fan that recirculates airborne dust and hangs far away, high upon a ceiling?



2. save big when remodeling!


A DISKFAN mounted on a single HVAC ceiling duct is ideal


A DISKFAN blows filtered air out evenly in a 360° circular manner from its central ceiling position with – or without – being attached to a ceiling HVAC duct.


However, if you want the best of all worlds, mount your DISKFAN over a single HVAC duct and evenly distribute cooled air in summer and warmed air in winter for maximum comfort!


DISKFANs also make it possible to retire or remove some of your old HVAC ducts.


diskfan lets you eliminate unsightly hvac wall vents


Because DISKFANs can blow filtered air out evenly in a 360° circular manner, you no longer need wall and floor vents to distribute heated or cooled air from a central HVAC system. This can lead to big savings when considering new construction or remodeling projects! Review the illustration below to see how this is possible:




3. Cut costs for cleaning blades & ducts


External ceiling fan blades and HVAC ducts collect dust, But diskfans eliminate most all of these cleaning costs!


Typical ceiling fan blades have many exposed square feet of flat, horizontal blade surfaces that collect dust. Also, when these large, external blades spin, their blades impact with airborne dust that gives you an ugly build up on each blade's leading edge and a lowering of your fan's effciency. Because of this, one needs to clean exposed fan blades two or more times a year.


Further, dust accumulates on the floor and the walls of HVAC duct pipes. This situation can lead to health issues and costly inefficiencies in properly distributing the air. Also, cleaning duct systems usually requires people trained to use the specialized equipment to clean such installations. With DISKFAN, you only need to clean the one duct pipe that goes to the DISKFAN.


But DISKFAN blades are inside the housing and shielded from dusty air. You may need to change a fllter costing a few dollars once a year, but you probably won't need to clean the blades for up to three years.


And, then, as shown below it only takes less than two minutes to unplug and take the motor out for a thorough cleaning with a rag.



DISKFANs can be cleaned in less than two minutes



Here a DISKFAN's blades are being cleaned in less than one and one-half minutes! Any external bladed fan can collect many square feet of dust on their blades and can take 20-40 minutes to clean about four times each year. A DISKFAN only needs cleanng once every few years, not every few months. And when it's time to clean the HVAC ducts in your home of office, you only have one per room!


Want to customize you DISKFAN's lighting and switching capabilities?


Prefer not to have pull-chains on your DISKFAN? You can have an electrician connect a variety of switching options, including an on-off switch plus lighting dimmer switch (motor should not be wired to a dimmer switch, only lights) or a remote wireless switching unit.


We recommend you use a licensed electrician for any customized wiring. Read the Underwriter Laboratory (UL) cautions in the DISKFAN Owners Manual and review the "For Electricians" page on this website before customizing the switching and lighting systems of your DISKFAN.



4. Have fun – become a designer!


changing furniture? change a diskfan to match your new decor in minutes!


The DISKFAN array of colored Filter Covers is one of the many ways you can enhance your décor quickly. Just slip them over the filter on the lower half of the DISKFAN housing whenever you need to change the look of your DISKFAN to match any newly redesigned room interior.





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