1. First, to plan, download this Ordering worksheet

Click this image for a PDF file for saving and printing

This "DISKFAN Ordering Worksheet" is in the form of a flow-chart graphic with boxes so you can see all the items that you can receive automatically as well as those additional accessories you might need to order for mounting or enhancing your DISKFAN.

1. Download this worksheet and print one for each DISKFAN you'd like to order.

2. Next review the Ceiling Fan Comparison Chart and the Price List below. Use this information in preparing your Planning Worksheet. In this way, you will be fully prepared to complete the step-by-step online ordering menu and can avoid having to go back and forth between one of the pages and the online ordering menu because you overlooked an item or two.

3. Now, just check off those blocks on the worksheet that apply to your order. You'll see that It's designed to make it really simple for you to identify the features that will make your DISKFAN fit your needs.


2. Review the "ceiling fan comparison chart" on the Prior page as a reminder of your choice of Diskfan's features and price



3. Review the price list of individual items below


This price list details the price for every item shown on your worksheet so that you can compare them with your worksheet. With this information you should be able to accurately compute the before-tax price of your DISKFAN before going to the online ordering menu.


If you'd like to download a full page price list with detailed ordering information along with the pricing breakdown you see here, click on the small image below:


4. You now have all the information you need for ordering.


Once you complete this worksheet you should be very confident that you fully understand the style, appearance of your DISKFAN and the price in advance of making your purchase. 


5. To order, click the "Go To Store" Button.